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spend day cabo de la vela

From COP 160'000

Jepirra (Cabo de la Vela),sacred place of us Wayuu, is the earthly paradise where our souls will rest after death.
Come spend a day in a sacred territory, where you will enjoy its beaches, desert and interact with an ancient culture, Wayuu Culture.

From COP 160'000

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first day
 ›      Departure from Riohacha 05:30 at 06:00 AM.
 ›       tour in manaure to know the salt mines.
 ›       Arrival to Uribía, Indigenous capital of colombia.
 ›       Arrival to cabo de la vela.
 ›       travel by the ojo de agua beach and lighthouse
 ›       Enjoy the Pilon de Azucar beach and walk up to hill Kamaichi.
 ›       Lunch. (12:30 hrs)
 ›       return to riohacha (14:00 hrs) .





What to bring:
light clothing for warm weather. ( do not carry a lot of clothing, do not wear jeans)
flashligth, lantern
cap or hat
canteen, camelback
personal toilet items in small quantities
personal first aid kit (personal medication)
Insect repelent.
Cash for hydration, tips and personal expenses.
Personal documents.
planning and preparing for the trip ahead of time
respect to the wayuu indigeous peoples, the other visitors and to the inhabitants of the region 
respect for biodiversity.
do not wear elements of private use of the armed forces (clothing camouflage).
Do not wear not jewerly or valuables 
during the hikes are not separate from the group, not forward, don´t get left behind

Detailed information


  1. Riohacha
  2. Manaure
  3. Uribia
  4. Cabo de La Vela
  5. Riohacha