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spend a day cabo de la vela.

From COP 560'000

Jepirra (Cabo de la Vela),sacred place of us Wayuu, is the earthly paradise where our souls will rest after death.
Come spend a day in a sacred territory, where you will enjoy its beaches, desert and interact with an ancient culture, Wayuu Culture.

From COP 560'000

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 ›      Departure from Riohacha 05:30 at 06:00 AM.
 ›      tour in manaure to know the salt mines.
 ›      Arrival to Uribía, (Indigenous capital of colombia).
 ›      Arrival to cabo de la vela.
 ›       Travel by  ojo de agua beach and lighthouse
 ›       Enjoy the Pilon de Azucar beach and walk up to Kamaichi hill.
 ›       Lunch. (12:30 hrs)
 ›       Return to riohacha (14:00 hrs) .





What to bring:
✓ Light clothing for warm weather. (don´t carry a lot of clothing, do not wear jeans).
✓ Swimsuit.
✓ Flashligth, lantern.
✓ Towel.
✓ Cap or hat.
✓ Canteen, camelback.
✓ Sunglasses.
✓ Personal toilet items in small quantities
✓ Personal first aid kit (personal medication).
✓ Insect repelent.
✓ Cash for hydration, tips and personal expenses.
✓ Personal documents.
✓ Camera.
» Planning and preparing for the trip ahead of time.
» Respect to the wayuu indigeous peoples, the other visitors and to the inhabitants of the region. 
» Respect for biodiversity.
» Don´t wear elements of private use of the armed forces (clothing camouflage).
» Don´t wear not jewerly or valuables 
» During the hikes are not separate from the group, not forward, don´t get left behind.

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  1. Riohacha
  2. Manaure
  3. Uribia
  4. Cabo de La Vela