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Tourism plays a fundamental and strategic role in the economic, social and cultural development of the wayuu comunities in la guajira, is our commitent to strecture differentiaded tourist products that allow a social choesion where sustainable tourism to impact positively on the quality of life of local communities promoting its inclusion and strengthening of our cultural identities.

Macuira tours supports the artisans who live in very isolatede areas of difficult acces, and showing their tissues to help them sell to customers who wish to contribute  directly or indirectly to the livelihoods of a family wayuu behind every wayuubag there is a real history and a family that wishues to get ahead, you can go up to the community to share and buy your fabric.

Ayúdenos a ayudar

COP 240'000
Campaña recolección de kits de aseo oral para los niños de Punta Gallinas

Wayuu bag, kalepus knitting

COP 120'000

This wayuu bag was made by María Uriana, a wayuu woman´s mother, she lives in taluwayupana ( punta espada ) the municipality of uribia.

the figures on the wayuu bag are called kalepus, the geometric figures that represent the weapon with which our ancestors defended their culture.

reflects something very significant in our history.