Be an authentic wayuu, Long live the wayuu cosmogony, 6 Nights And 7 Days - Turismo en la Guajira
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Be an authentic wayuu, Long live the wayuu cosmogony, 6 Nights And 7 Days

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to the north of colombia are the Wayuu, ancient culture and native that inhabitat the peninsula of the Guajira, today share and strengthen their uses and customs to have them always alive.

come and enjoy peace and tranquility in the most northern part of South América.

the Wayuu they  inhabit this exotic and majestic desert bathed  by the celestial Caribbean sea, where you will observe mirages; Also the natural national park the macuira that is considered an oasis in the middle of the desert , which contrasts with the hospitality of its people 

Alta Guajira ( Cabo de la vela,Punta Gallinas, Puerto Estrella, Nazareth, Macuira National natural park, Piedra del destino in Punta Espada, siapana and Warpana in  Puerto Lopez)

Desde COP 2'730'000

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FIRST DAY       Riohacha - Punta Gallinas.

▶ Departure from Riohacha to Punta Gallinas passing through National natural park Bahia Portete where the mangrove  vegetation is conserved, habitat of the alligator needle, trip by boat 20 minutes by the bay to the lodging (according to the arrival time lunch or dinner)

accommodation ( beds or hammocks)


SECOND DAY  Punta Gallinas-Nazareth PNN la Macuira

▶ Breakfast. tour to nearby beaches:  The Lighthouse (The northernmost point of South América) Punta Aguja beach.

▶ Lunch.

▶ Visit to Dunes of Taroa. .

▶ Departure to Macuira National Natural Park.

▶ Arrival to lodging in the  Macuira.

▶ Dinner and accommodation.


THIRD DAY   Nazareth-Macuira

(it is an oasis in the middle of the desert, it has a special ecosystem represented in endemic flora as the cloud forest  there is also the origin of the wayuu represented in the stone of wolunka).

Breakfast . 

▶ Visit and Trekking to stone of wolunka and dunes of Alewolu, (Wolunka is the mother  of us all the wayuu, is our origin).

▶ Lunch with craftspeople.

▶ Visit to wayuu´s craftspeople of wayuu backpack , musical instrument (masi, waway) and hats

▶ Return to lodging 

▶ Narration of myths and legends Wayuu.

  *Myth of Waleeker: origin of Wayuu backpack.

  *Fire mythology: Origin of the fire.

  *Mythology of clan distribution, in the stone of Aalas.

▶ Dinner and accommodation  ( beds or hammocks)


FOURTH DAY  Nazareth-Punta Espada-Piedras Blancas

▶ Breakfast .

▶ Visit to stone of destiny  in Punta Espada.

  *The stone of destiny is a sacred site where we are told that if we enter the cave we have a long life, if we do not enter we will not become old 

▶ Lunch.

▶ In the affternoon shepherding.

▶ Dinner and accommodation ( beds or hammocks)



FIFTH DAY  Piedras Blancas-Siapana-Puerto Lopez

▶ Breakfast.

▶ trekking from  Piedras Blanca to Siapana, south of the  macuira national natural park.

▶ Lunch in  Siapana.

▶ Visit to stones  Apalajiamana in Siapana.

▶ Dinner .

▶ accommodatiopn in house wayuu ( hammocks)



SIXTH DAY  Siapana-Puerto Lopez

▶ Breakfast.

▶ Departure to  Waarpana, Puerto López about 50 minutes from siapana.

▶ You will observe a small aerolite near the Bahía Tukaka bay mangroves, Neimaru. is more than 30 million years old.

▶ Visit to ruins of Puerto López.

▶ waarpana beach, you will enjoy the sea in the affternoon.

▶ Accommodation in Neimaru ( hammocks)


SEVENTH DAY  Puerto Lopez-la Flor-Uribia-Riohacha

▶ Departure to Uribia.

▶ panoramic tour of the rout of castilletes, Flor de la Guajira, Wososopo border zone with  Venezuela.

photographs at the foot of the epitz hill, a mountain mythological formation.

▶ Lunch in  Uribia.

▶ Departure to riohacha city.

▶ Arrival to Riohacha.

▶ End of program .


What to bring:

✔ Light clothing for warm weather. (do not carry a lot of clothing, do not wear jeans).
✔ Swimsuit.
✔ Towel.
✔ sneakers with good grip.
✔ Cap or hat.
✔ Canteen, Camelback.
✔ lantern.

✔ sunglasses.
✔ personal toilet items in small qantities.

✔ personal first aid kid (personal medication).
✔ insect repelent.
✔ cash for hydration, tips and personal expenses.
✔ personal documents.

✔ camera .


» Planning and preparing for the trip ahead of time.
» Respect to the wayuu indigenous peoples, the others visitors and to the inhabitants of the region.
» Respect for biodiversity.
» Do not wear elements of private use of the armed forces ( clothing camouflage).
» Do not wear jewelry o valuables.
» Do not separate from the group during the walk


  1. Riohacha
  2. Uribia
  3. Punta Gallinas
  4. Parque Nacional Natural Macuira
  5. Siapana
  6. Puerto Lopez
  7. Castilletes
  8. Ipapure
  9. 4 Vias Maicao.