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From COP 6'460'000

4 days immersed in the Wayuú territory, from seeing vast deserts to breathe fresh air of cloud forest in the heart of the Macuira, you will live the experience walking 8 hours this Oasis in the desert, a tour where you will learn and know more about our ancient culture, our history, our customs and traditions, You will know where our souls go after leaving mma' (earth), you will learn about our closest allies to health, traditional medicinal plants, you will know the place where according to our mythology the fourth generation Wayuú was born, you will live the sensation of seeing the sunset from the northernmost point of South America, movie sunsets.

The Wayuú territory is waiting for you.

From COP 6'460'000

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- Departure from Riohacha to a Wayuú ranchería, cultural immersion. 7:00 am.
- Tour through the municipality of Manaure to visit the salt mines. 10:00 AM.
 Arrival to Uribia, the indigenous capital of Colombia, 11:30 AM.
- Arrival at Cabo de la Vela, 1:00 PM.
- Lunch at Cabo de la Vela, 1:00 - 2:00 PM.
- Visit to Punta Arcoiris, Pilon de Azucar, Playa Dorda.
- Sunset and panoramic view at the Lighthouse, 05:30 PM.
- Dinner, 07:00 PM.
- Overnight as planned, 08:00 PM

- Breakfast, 07:00 AM
- Departure to Siapana, the south side of, Macuira Natural Park passing by Puerto Bolivar, Portete Bay, Bahia Honda, and Bahia Hondita, 08:00 AM.
- Lunch in Bahia Honda or Pusheo, 12:00 - 01:00 PM.
- Continue the tour through Pusheo, Paraiso, La Union, Taguaira, Monserrate, Siapana.
- Arrival to the village of Siapana.
- Dinner 07:00 PM
- Lodging according to plan, 08:00 PM

- Wake up, 05:00 AM
- We get ready for a trekking of 8 hours approx, 
- Breakfast box lunch, 6:30 am approx, 
- We cross the protected area accompanied by a local Wayuú guide, where we will see fauna, flora, medicinal plants, dunes in the middle of the mountain range, mythological stones...
- Lunch in Nazaret, 01:30 - 02:00 PM
- Departure to Punta Gallinas, 03:00 PM
- Sunset view over the beach and dunes of Taroa, 05:00 PM
- Arrival at Punta Gallinas Lodge, 05:30 PM
- Dinner, 07:00 PM
- Lodging according to plan. 08:00 PM

- Artisanal fishing with Apalanchiis, 5 am
- Activity to plant mangroves in the bay
- Breakfast
- Return to Uribia from Punta Gallinas, 09:00 AM
- Lunch in Bahia Honda, 01:00 PM
- Departure to Riohacha City. 01:00 PM
- End of program. 05:00 - 6:00 PM.

You can check availability with an experience consultant:

Carolina Rodriguez:  +57 3138637284 
Arnoldo García: +57 3138646102 
Layla Medina: +57 3234396122 

What to bring?

✔ Light clothing for warm weather. (do not carry a lot of clothing).
✔ Swimsuit.
✔ Towel.
✔ sneakers with good grip.
✔ Cap or hat.
✔ Canteen, Camelback.
✔ lantern.

✔ sunglasses.
✔ personal toilet items in small qantities.

✔ personal first aid kid (personal medication).
✔ insect repelent.
✔ cash for hydration, tips and personal expenses.
✔ personal documents.

✔camera .

» Planning and preparing for the trip ahead of time.
» Respect to the wayuu indigenous peoples, the others visitors and to the inhabitants of the region.
» Respect for biodiversity.
» Do not wear elements of private use of the armed forces ( clothing camouflage).
» Do not wear jewelry o valuables.
» During the hikes are not separate from the group, not forward, do not get left behind.


• Transport in 4x4 campers with full availability during
the whole program.
• Driver - Wayuu Companion.
• Accommodation according to your choice (beds or chinchorro)
• Typical food, from first day lunch to lunch
of the fourth day. (Shrimp rice, fish, goat, and chicken).
• Visit to Wayuu ranchería.
• Hydration (water).
• Traveler insurance.
• Eco-guide in La Macuira National Park


• Airline tickets.
• Breakfast on the first day, dinner on the fourth day.
• Special dishes such as lobsters, king prawns, garlic shrimp,
cocktails, beers and liquors. If you take any additional you must cancel the
value to the restaurant.
• Bilingual guides. (French / English / German)
• Souvenir and expenses not specified.


  1. Riohacha
  2. Manaure
  3. Uribia
  4. Cabo de La Vela
  5. Uribia
  6. Nazareth
  7. Uribia